For multiplex syndromic testing applications

  • Intuitive workflow
  • Capacity to process up to 48 targets
  • Utilizes real-time PCR to deliver results with Ct values and amplification curves
  • Unique direct swab protocol for input into cartridge 
  • Respiratory panel includes 21 targets for common pathogens causing acute respiratory tract infections


The QIAstat-Dx (DiagCORE) Analyzer, in combination with QIAstat-Dx (DiagCORE) assay cartridges, uses real-time PCR to detect pathogen nucleic acids in human biological samples. The QIAstat-Dx (DiagCORE) Analyzer and cartridges are designed as a closed system that enables hands-off sample preparation followed by detection and identification of pathogen nucleic acids. Samples are inserted into a QIAstat-Dx (DiagCORE) cartridge, which contains on board all the reagents necessary to isolate and amplify nucleic acids from the sample. Detected real-time amplification signals are interpreted by the integrated software and are reported via an intuitive user interface. 

Available now is the QIAstat-Dx (DiagCORE) Respiratory Panel V2 which is a qualitative test to analyze 21 targets for common pathogens causing acute respiratory tract infections. This panel utilizes powerful QIAGEN sample and assay technologies, to deliver true Sample to Insight processing of even the most challenging samples, including direct swab input.

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