August 2018, Biotech Medical Supplies and SHIMADZU have announced a partnership in terms of analytical instruments and reagents distribution in Palestine. Both companies have declared an official collaboration relatioship for providing and offering SHIMADZU analaytical products line of instruments, consumbles, maintainace and support. The announcement came after almost 6 months of discussions which finally has become a real agreement of collaboration. 

To our valuble customers who are using SHIMADZU instruments in all fields of analytical applications, Biotech Medical supplies is now your official suppliers of SHIMADZU analytical instruments, consumables, maintainace and support. Therfore, we are pleased to help you in all your requirments and inquiries related to SHIMADZU and our well trained and experienced teams are happy to assisst you at any level, so do not hesitate to contact us through our contact information stated below:


Tel: +97022976265