About Us

Biotech Medical Supplies established in 2005 has grown to become one of the leading distributors in the Palestinian market. Our primary focus is providing the best service possible, to the extent that we source products from non-represented suppliers if needed. Our representatives, in most cities, cover the entire country, all shipments come through our office/warehouse which are locates in Ramallah.

With over 14 years of experience owning and managing the distribution for companies in the Life Science, Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic and Academic Research markets,  Biotech Medical  Supplies  offer its customers a dedicated and proven business model that will enhance their buying experience.

The company is committed to working with the scientific and medical communities to bring the best in genomic and analytical technologies to bear on the complex systems biology at both the research and clinical diagnostic practices. Biotech with its team of sales managers, scientists and engineers are all gathered in order to reach the company’s mission by helping our customers to measure and manage quality of their parameters in their products, equipment and environment. Thanks to our existing customers that believe in our professional working, product quality and pre and post sales services that keep them happy all over time.

Reaching the company’s mission has always been a strong tool that made the company well oriented and trusted by both the manufactures companies and customers, our reputation of excellence and professional practices have put the company as one of the top selling and prize winning. Given that, Biotech Medical Supply could reach an exclusive collaboration and distributorships with many world leading manufacturing companies in the difference fields of life sciences, pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries.

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